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Project Description

Yardie is a landscaping company based out of Greenville, NC that was founded with passion for creating breathtaking outdoor experiences. With a foundation consisting of award-winning landscape designers, Yardie has quickly expanded to provide services in locations more than just Greenville and plans on continuing their expansion for years to come.


Yardie was a relatively new landscaping company, which means they came with their own set of challenges as opposed to existing companies. Due to having a solid foundation with every other aspect of a landscaping company, they wanted to hit the ground running and needed a solid digital foundation built that was on par with the rest of the business. They needed branding and a web presence built from the ground up, and a way to manage their contracts digitally as opposed to pen and paper.


Yardie came to Bluco Tech looking for digital branding, web design, and a technical solution to streamline their contracts as efficiently as possible. Bluco began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of Yardie to understand the requirements, brand identity, and goals for the solutions. Which led to Bluco designing Yardie a logo, and developing a color palette that resonated with the nature of the company. Also a website was developed that complemented the beautiful jobs that were done by Yardie as well. Bluco made sure by using the latest web development technologies to build a user-friendly and secure website that would lead to attracting more clients for Yardie. Bluco introduced Yardie to a business management software tailored to their business, and developed the framework to making their services produce more efficiently.