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Project Description

Rejuvenation Chiropractic is a chiropractor based out of Charlotte, NC. They prioritize structural correction to enhance the wellbeing of individuals spanning all stages of life, from prenatal to geriatric. With a wide range of services, including X-rays, Decompression, Massage, and much more, they provide comprehensive care to address their client's specific needs.


Rejuvenation Chiropractic had recently been created which means that they needed everything built from the ground up, they needed a full online presence made and digital branding. They also needed systems put into place to solicit online reviews and also to schedule appointments.


Rejuvenation Chiropractic came to Bluco Tech to fulfill these services, and set them up for success. This included having a logo designed for them that hinted towards their company values and aligned with the nature of the business. Bluco also developed a simple, eye-catching website that would set Rejuvenation Chiropractic apart, with a focus on informing their clients and also leading potential customers to schedule an appointment. Bluco went further and set up an email system for Rejuvenation Chiropractic to have fully custom emails and also a way to solicit reviews from their clients. This set Rejuvenation Chiropractic up with the groundwork to start building up their online presence by establishing a solid foundation that would let them compete in the very competitive Charlotte marketplace.